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Cookies Policy

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We use cookies on www.taskque.com.

We use cookies on www.taskque.com. By using TaskQue, you permit us to use your cookies. This policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we may partner who will use your cookies and how we will contact you if we want to use more data from your cookies.

When you visit TaskQue, your data is stored in small pieces of chunks of the website. The data is stored in your web browser in a file called ‘cookie’ when you visit TaskQue, we know that it is you who is using our website and we offer you the best possible service.


Cookies Usage Guide

How Taskque use cookies?

When you use TaskQue, we will place cookie files on your web browser to gather your data. We will then use cookies for the following purpose: enable certain customized functions for you, to help you provide the analytics, store your preferences, to enable advertisements delivery, which includes behavioral advertising. We make use of both session and persistent cookies. Session cookie stores the data till you close the browser while persistent cookies are stored until you delete them from your computer.
We might also use the essential cookies to authenticate users & prevent fraudulent use of user accounts. To provide better customer service we collect data from your cookie and update our system to your offering.

Third-Party Cookies

In addition to our own cookies, we might use third-party cookies to generate reports, display advertisements on and through our website.

How To Delete Your Cookies?

If you want to delete your cookies, you need to follow different steps based upon the web browser that you’re using. You can delete your cookies by the following link. However, keep in mind that if you delete the cookies you won’t be able to use all of our features that we offer. The best option is to store your preferences and let us help you out.

Where Can You Find More Information About Our Other Privacy And GDPR Policy?

You can learn more about the following third-party applications which take leverage of using cookies for providing better experience;

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