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Get work done

Use TaskQue to automatically assign tasks when resources are free

Productivity Tool Increase Productivity Optimize task assignmentStrike the perfect balance in resource engagement by assigning tasks when resources become free.
Online task manager Increase transparency For Resources and ManagementGet insights into your individual and organisation's performance.
team collaboration software Collaborate and Organise Discuss for better ideasCollaborate with your team using real-time discussions and minutes of meetings.
task management system Flexible to Your needs Molds to your workflowsDont change your business flow, TaskQue is flexible enough to work according to your needs.

Automatically assign tasks to users when they need it.

Give Your Productivity A Boost

TaskQue will automatically assign tasks based on the resource workload, so they are never overwhelmed with too many tasks.

Transparent Process For Everyone

Our team task management software offers transparency for all levels of the organization.

For the Organisation

Ensure projects are completed on time and resources are performing well.

For the Resources

Resource's can track and measure their progress by viewing Summary at Task, Project and Workspace levels.

task management tool

Make Collaboration Easy

Real time team communication

Improve communication with your team by commenting on tasks. Use the flexible discussion module to share ideas and collaborate with team members.

Made for Your Business

The perfect fit for your needs

TaskQue is designed to fit around your business needs. It is flexible enough to work with how you run your business.

World Class Features,
for distraction free work

Unburden yourself from the hassle of task management chores and focus on what really matters to your business’s success.

Productivity Tools


The unique Que feature is an effective task assignment process that automatically assigns tasks to resources that are available. It ensures resources are never overloaded with too many tasks nor are without tasks.


Create a Group of identical resources for a project and use the Que feature to automatically assign the task instead of assigning a task to every single resource.


Review and analyze the quality of the task performed by the resource by measuring the frequency of tasks being reopened using the summary.


Conduct your meetings in discussions to keep a record of ideas shared.

Discussion Minutes

Use the most important discussion points to create an agenda for work.


View your tasks on the calendar to plan and manage your work.

Collaboration Tools


Use workspaces to organize different business domains without intersecting resources


Check all the new activities related to tasks, projects and workflows that you follow or are assigned to you.


Create a To-Do list for managing your personal tasks. Keep your work and personal information separate.


Customize TaskQue to the way you work by creating your own workflows.


Create projects, assign tasks and track progress of the work done.

Task Comments

Collaborate with team members by participating in conversation threads. You can comment on any project activity and take part in discussions.

Usage Tools


Get an overview of your Workspace, Project or Resource performance with insightful information.


The Insights provides you a quick overview of the current status of the project.


Use powerful filters to sift through tasks and find the information that you are looking for.

Access Control

Control who views your tasks and projects by using public and private access control.

User Types

Delegate responsibility by assigning Admin, Normal and Limited roles to users on Project and Workspace levels.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to improve your ease of usage and speed.

With Slack's smooth integration with TaskQue, now you can stay up to speed with any task that's created for you, any discussion you're a part of or any project that's been completed in your workspace.

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With our robust app, you can manage your projects, assign tasks to your team members & collaborate with them in your workspace from virtually anywhere in the most secure & efficient way.